"I believe leadership requires both business acumen and personal courage. My passion is designing meaningful experiences which compel people to courageously stretch their boundaries, welcome change and celebrate themselves.

My in-depth knowledge of organizational development and leadership practices together with my highly intuitive and candid style allow participants to overcome barriers and learn through self-observation and collective intuition.

I want to work with those people who are passionate about discovering the next right answer. People who aren't afraid of striving for more, who are willing to do the hard work needed to get there and who have the courage to push beyond their comfort zone."


Tania Carrière has been inspiring leadership discovery for over 12 years in North America, the UK and France. Her background is in organizational behaviour, cultural transformation, team development, adult learning and facilitation. Her passion is designing transformational experiences compelling people to courageously stretch their boundaries, welcome change and celebrate themselves. An innovator in discovery workshops and experiential travel, Tania combines a gift for inquiry with a passion for renewal.

You already know the kind of learning relationship this is going to be. real, authentic, stretching, impacting and possibly - and if you're game - transformational. If it intrigues you - call me. I am here to champion your success, your continued leadership presence and your contribution. I will freely share my passion, my strength and my vision with you as you embark upon, and complete, your journey.


is a Latin expression meaning, "to life". In order to toast life you need to be aware/present in its immediacy. ADVIVUM creates experiential opportunities for personal and professional discovery - a chance to stand in the present moment, discover your fullest expression and acknowledge the exciting world of possibility that awaits. Learn, Live, Lead.


Tania's clients include: Merill Lynch, Alcatel, The Auditor General of Canada, CGI (UK), McMillan, Deloitte, Unisys, Bank of Canada, City of Ottawa, The Department of National Defense, NavCanada, International Aids Vaccine Initiative, Department of Foreign Affairs, Department of Justice Canada, The Canadian School of Public Service, Department of Public Safety


Catherine McKenna

Catherine McKenna is a certified Integral Coach™ helping leaders engage the full potential of their organization in innovation and positive change.  Using Appreciative Inquiry, Catherine facilitates conversations across organizational boundaries that lead to collaborative action and commitment to shared goals. She is an experienced trainer and team facilitator. Catherine’s projects have included strategic planning and implementation, training of facilitators, mentor program design, change leadership and team development.  As a leadership coach, Catherine uses active listening, powerful questioning and the design of specific practices to generate new perspectives and to build new capabilities within her client’s unique context.  The one-on-one coaching relationship allows Catherine’s clients to understand where they are, where they are headed, and how each step of the journey contributes to success. Some coaching topics Catherine has worked with are:  moving from operational management to strategic leadership, leadership presence (style), delegation and transition.

Catherine holds an Organization Development certificate from the National Training Laboratories (NTL), a Masters of Industrial Relations from Queen's University (Kingston, Canada) and a Bachelor's in Psychology, also from Queen's. Specialty training includes MBTI and DiSC certification, CTT (Values Mapping) and advanced organization design and facilitation training. She facilitates large group methodologies such as Open Space and the AI Summit. Prior to the establishment of her consulting practice, Catherine worked for 11 years at Nortel Networks as a facilitator and learning advisor at the Nortel Learning Institute and in line HR. Catherine is based in Ottawa, Canada. Catherine is a founding partner of Innovation Partners International.

Jen Hunter

For over seventeen years my professional contribution has been to foster leadership in others as well as demonstrate it as a leader myself.  I deeply believe that leadership resides in every person and is the most valuable and least explored resource on our planet.   I have focused my passion and my work on ensuring solid process is combined with organizational strategy to produce real and sustainable results that harness the power of our collective wisdom.  I have worked with a variety of public and private sector organizations all over the world.  I speak at conferences in my field, leading provocative and engaging sessions.  Early in my career, I was told that my uniquely warm and approachable manner is central to my success with leaders and organizations including my own. 

I was recruited to a leadership role at Tomoye Corporation where we built a market for community of practice software.  As a leader of this technology company, I created a department called Customer Success. I built a team of service delivery professionals dedicated to service, creativity and impact in large organizations.  Over three years, I was promoted from director to vice president of Leadership Development.  

So far, I have worked with a number of magnificent organizations and leaders, including (but certainly not limited to): Pegasus Communications, Appalachian Trail Conservancy (ATC), Canadian Pharmacists Association (CPhA), Grantmakers for Education (GFE), Ottawa University, University of Wisconsin, John Deere, Air Command Staff College,  US Army, Canada's National Research Council, UNESCO,  US AID, US Department of Education, Defence Acquisition University, Rabobank,  Federation of Canadian Muncipalities, DND, International Institute of Educational Planning, Public Works & Government Services Canada,  IDRC, Justice Canada, Heritage Canada, NSERC, IRG, Mars (Masterfoods), Casey House, Ontario Nurses Association, Unisys, Department of Justice, Conference Board of Canada, Bank of Canada, Health Canada, SAIC, PACT, US Navy, Labatt.

In addition to rather considerable experience in the consulting world, I have also served as the first international member of the Appalachian Trail Conservancy (ATC) Board of Directors, active member and leader in the Systems Thinking in Action community, vice chair of Equal Voice National Capital Chapter, part of the founding team of Ottawa's Sustainable Enterprise Alliance, a lead designer and facilitator with Leadership Ottawa, a professor in the Algonquin Green Business Management Program and in the fall of 2008, I ran in the federal election as the Green Party of Canada Candidate in Ottawa Centre and remain the nominated Green Party of Canada candidate for Ottawa Centre.

Joanne Daykin

Joanne Daykin has nearly 20 years experience working with leaders at all levels.  Joanne provides executive coaching, consulting and facilitation to healthcare, nonprofit, corporate, and government organizations seeking to build dynamic leaderships, maximize teamwork, identify effective strategies, and expand capacity for performance. She coaches leaders and teams to enhance collaboration, deepen self-awareness, and build competencies for healthy conversations and positive change.  She uses Appreciative Inquiry and other strength-based positive change methodologies in her work with clients as well as Integral Coaching theory and the Skilled Facilitator approach. 

Co-founder of Innovation Partners International, she holds a “Certificate in Organization Development” through NTL Institute, an undergraduate degree in Psychology at the University of Ottawa, and an advanced honors degree in Education at York University. She is also a graduate from “Third Party Neutral and Conflict Resolution (160 hours)” with the Canadian Institute for Conflict Resolution. She is an approved provider of the DiSC Behaviour Profile System and is qualified to administer the Myers Briggs Type Indicator. She is working toward her coaching certification with Integral Coach Canada aimed at February 2011. Some of Joanne’s clients include: Canada Foundation for Innovation, Bruce Power, Bruyere Continuing Care, Canadian Pharmacist Association, Christian Childcare International, Citizenship and Immigration Canada, The City of Ottawa, Community Care Access Centre-Ottawa, CS COOP, Corel Corporation, Export Development Canada, Health Canada, Human Resources and Social Development Canada, Nortel Networks, Kemptville District Hospital, Jakarta International School, Merrickville District Community Health and Services Centre, Nunavut Arctic College, Peace River North—School District 60, Rutland Regional Medical Center, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the United Way, and the World Health Organization (WHO)--Collaborating Centre on Chronic Noncommunicable Disease Policy, Victim Services of Parry Sound.

Lisa Weiss

Lisa Jordan Weiss has spent over 20 years helping individuals, and teams communicate more effectively, first with themselves and then with each other. Her background as a communication strategist, facilitator and coach enables her to create unique experiences where clients get to explore the task, situation or problem within a different context. Her passion resides in creating a space where individuals are able to have a different conversation within themselves, and then and then as a whole in a way that is open, clear, honest and direct, the result, change that happens organically from the inside out.

As President of I of the Storm Coaching and Consulting Lisa is a certified CODE Model Coach™, Level 1 Personality Dimensions facilitator, and utilizes the Skilled Facilitator approach.  She has worked with individuals and with groups for organizations such as NRCan (Natural Resources Canada), Industry Canada, Environment Canada, the Department of Defense (DND) and the Montreal Children's Hospital.

Cille Harris

Professional Engineer, MBA; International Association of Facilitators, Certified Professional Facilitator

Cille Harris is a professional Systems Design Engineer and Group Process Facilitator with over twenty-five years consulting experience in both the private and public sectors.  She is a successful Business Process Consultant who helps organizations seek out, prioritize, redesign and implement improvement opportunities, in line with their strategic vision. With a strong background in Industrial Engineering, her particular expertise is to coach leaders and facilitate project teams to reduce costs, improve quality & service; helping people to improve the way they do business. Cille is an MBA graduate with the skills required to successfully implement projects through careful planning, extensive communications and insightful integration with other related initiatives.

 Cille Harris is a leader among her peers. She is President of Real Alternatives Inc., a community of over fifty independent consultants who collaborate to serve clients, in an environment of abundance mentality, and built on a foundation of Quality Management.  Cille is a highly motivated self-starter with a positive attitude, valuable interpersonal skills.  She has excellent verbal and written presentation skills. Her analytical problem solving skills very effectively combine with her business background to demonstrate significant results for her clients.

Emma Woodley Fisher

Emma has been working in the United Kingdom in the field of project and change management for 15 years; helping organizations and individuals to embrace change. If change truly "is constant" then it is how we respond to it and harness the energy that it creates that gives us influence over the impact it has on the way we lead. Emma has a passion for life and working with others to bring more fulfillment and happiness into their own. Over the last few years she has also shared her experience of change with children and young adults; helping them build self awareness and raise self esteem.


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